Complete Guide to Choosing Long-Lasting Bath Towels

I see you’re a new adult trying to figure out life on your own. That’s why you’re looking for guidance on how to choose durable bath towels. Our complete guide to choosing long-lasting bath towels helps you determine whether you need white bath towels or colored ones; and what you need to look into when making your bath towels choice.

Well, you’re right, just reading specific bath towel set labels, and claiming to be the best bath towels choice for your home; isn’t the right strategy to purchase towels for your home. Bath towels are an integral part of everyone at home whether you live alone or with family. When specifically talking about bath towels, they need to have some specific features which distinguish them as long-lasting luxury bath towels. Also, where you make your towels purchase, such as from DZEE Home also makes a difference in whether they will last or not.

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1. Best Bath Towels Material

The base of your towel, that is, the material that is used to manufacture any bath towel set is the most; essential in determining towel quality and longevity. You will find many materials being marketed by various companies which include polycotton, cotton, microfiber, linen, etc. Cotton is a natural fiber that is essentially weaker but when you select long-staple combed cotton yarn it results in a long-lasting final product. It is plusher and the fiber doesn’t break easily either which is perfect for everyone to use at home.

Towels go through consistent usage during their lifetime. Choosing the right material will ensure your towel doesn’t tear while in use and you don’t have a high towel change rate at home either.

2. Manufacturing and Construction

Technology plays a significant role in manufacturing luxury bath towels for home usage. How the towels are constructed and what manufacturing procedures have been used to make them stronger; actually, hold the towels together. If there is any fault in them, they will tear easily and that is not something we want. Combed cotton means that any short threads and debris have been removed which results in plusher and pill-resistant towels. When there is no pilling, it means that the yarn damage is also limited in the long run. You will also find terms such as ring-spun cotton being used in towels which means long and short fibers are tightly spun together for a more luxurious feel.

When you want softer, long-lasting, and smoother towels, you always need to look into the construction technology.

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3. Towel Size

Our complete guide to choosing long-lasting bath towels ensures also tackles the size issue that most people have when it comes to choosing towels. This is because they don’t understand that there is a reason behind having different size towels for different purposes. A smaller towel will not absorb enough moisture or cover the body surface area. Larger colored or white bath towels are designed to comfortably cover the body after showering and drying up much quicker. If you use smaller towels, they will not be able to put up with the consistent usage which would lead to them; getting weaker and even tearing up faster.

Choosing large-size pool towels ensures they are able to put up with the wear and tear of being used by individuals. Especially in family homes, bath towels are usually multipurpose. This means they need to be stronger to put up with the consistent usage.

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4. Luxury Bath Towels Absorbency

The best bath towels in the business are known to offer high absorbency. This is because the person stepping out of the shower is completely wet head-to-toe and requires to dry off a considerable amount of water. This means a towel needs to be equipped enough to dry off the person without leaving much residue. The dryer a person is able to get after using a towel the more satisfied they are with that towel. Otherwise, their clothes will get wet and that’s not something anyone wants.

Lower absorbency also means that the towel will not be able to hold its own against the usage which will lead to them tearing easily.


5. Machine Laundering Safe

When choosing your bath linen set; you also want to make sure that they are easy to take care of. Towels that can be laundered in the machine won’t take up too much of your time, and are durable. Always look for towels that don’t require any special cleaning such as being dry cleaned. They will not last long and managing them would also be much more costly for you. Not everyone has the time to put in the effort, that is why they need to make a smarter choice.

If you’re an adult that hasn’t figured out the washing machine yet; this is definitely your cue to actually make your life easier by figuring it out. You would want to wash your white bath towels separately from your colored laundry for aesthetic durability.




Our complete guide to choosing long-lasting bath towels will help you make the best luxury bath towels choice for your home. Your white bath towels will not end up stained (if you read about taking care of your bath towels set till the end). What do you think are the best bath towel features? Let us know in the comments below.

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