Belem has been a frontrunner in the textile industry, offering homeowners the chance to transform their homes with premium combed cotton towels. Experience softness, absorbency, and luxury unlike no other. Our Belem towels perform remarkably well with diverse colors, versatile sizes, and appealing packages.


Get ready to bring style and comfort to your routine by adding our most exclusive Belem towel range to your trusted home. We manufacture towels that perfectly balance softness, absorbency, and durability. Made with 100% ringspun cotton, Belem's towel collection sets the perfect accent for any bathroom ambiance. Our towels ensure a classic and elegant touch to your personal space.

As a result, we have curated our towels with a lavish border design with double-needle stitching alongside their lightweight and quick-drying features. With our cohesive and complete bath towel sets, we ensure you get to decorate your home more enthusiastically. Using all the finest quality materials and secured with durable hemmed edges, buying these Belem towels has proven to be the right choice for creative homeowners!


Indulge in the utmost relaxation experiences with these super-soft, terry bath towels, pool towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bath mats. You can choose from a comprehensive range of vibrant colors, patterns, and sizes to equip your bathroom however you deserve. Along with various GSM features in every towel, we ensure homeowners get a fantastic spa-like retreat. These fancy and luxurious towels can turn ordinary routines into luxury day-offs with their cloud-like texture. Just browse our extensive Belem towels to see our range's diversity!

Here are some of the highlighted features in detail to let you know why you should opt for our Belem towels.


Our super-soft towel range has been carefully woven with 100% premium and rich combed cotton, giving you a luxurious feel. These fluffy towels provide a plush and fresh feeling after a relaxing bath experience and manage to wick away moisture quickly. In addition, the high-quality cotton used gives these towels a delicious loft.


Unlike other towels that retain excess moisture, the Belem towels dry fast, accommodating you and your loved ones. These absorbent towels are undoubtedly made of high-quality material with color fastness that ensures the towel doesn't fade even after several wash cycles. Our essentials are created to handle excessive weight, crease, and fold in the washer or dryer.


We want our homebuyers to get the whole experience of luxe and comfort without breaking the bank, which is why each towel set includes four pieces at the right affordable price. We prioritize giving our consumers a chance to fully enjoy our Belem bath towels without worrying about their finances.


We offer a great selection of bath towel sets to meet your daily home needs. The wide range includes:


Our plush Belem bath towel range is the right choice for your home. Made with 100% fine-combed cotton, these luxury bath towels are lavishly smooth and absorbent, highly durable, and will provide an exceptional bathing experience. Sized at 27x50 inches with 600 GSM (grams per square meter), we uphold our qualities for you. In addition, Belem offers a set of 4x bath towels of different colors by creating a rich, elegant look to make that five-star hotel ambiance a perfect addition to your bathroom.


Soft, absorbent, and seriously durable, the best pool towels by DZEE Home are the summer staple you never knew you needed. Our 36x68 inched-sized towels have made a unique combination of absorbency and softness; its 100% premium cotton material with 2-ply yarn gives homebuyers an unforgettable experience. Its outstanding quick-drying quality makes it easy for buyers so they can set the scene for their pool activities. You can safely enjoy your time at the beach by staying assured of the towels' quality as we incorporate color fastness and fade resistant features.


These super soft hand towels do the work of many, dry fast, and save your time. Made from 100% ringspun cotton, we allow our towels to exhibit grace, luxury, and quality. Constructed at 16x30 inches, the plush feel of these visually appealing towels will give a more spa-like vibe to your space. Crafted with a double-stitched hem, 550 GSM (grams per square meter), and different colors, we guarantee lasting durability and strength.


Make your bathroom feel like a spa with our high-quality, lightweight washcloths collection. Made from 100% combed cotton, our washcloths ensure high absorbency with a super soft texture that feels gentle on your skin. Belem features a curated collection of washcloths that are 13x13 inches and 400 GSM (grams per square meter), which promise an incredible experience while also available in a variety of colors to suit any bathroom decor.


Transform your bathroom in style and functionality with our finest quality bath mats made with 100% combed cotton, promising comfort and viability. We offer our home buyers the experience of a high-end hotel bathroom in the comfort of your home. To provide you a sleek experience, our package includes 2 high-end bath mats that are conveniently sized at 22x34 inches with 780 GSM (grams per square meter). We ensure that you get the right look for your bathroom.

Belem has whatever you need. Take the step to make your home look more alluring and luxurious with our help with premium towels. Shop with us now at DZee Home!