Experience Luxurious Comfort With Belem Hand Towels - The Perfect Blend Of Softness And Style
Step into the world of ultimate comfort and elegance with our luxurious hand towels. As a seasoned player in the game, Belem prides itself on curating plush and soft hand towels that don't compromise style or comfort.

Our bath hand towels, sized at 16x30 inches with 550 grams per square meter — are crafted from top-quality 100% combed cotton, ensuring maximum absorbency and durability. But that's not all — we offer a wide range of colors to suit your taste and elevate your bathroom's aesthetic.

Highly-Absorbent and Durable

Crafted with care, our Belem hand towel boasts a luxuriously soft texture that gently caresses the skin. In addition, our bathroom hand towels are super absorbent, quickly soaking up moisture, and designed to dry rapidly, making them ideal for people with busy lifestyles. With great detail, we have created long-lasting and durable decorative hand towels that serve your needs. 

Available in Different Colors

With a range of colors, you can find the perfect match for your decor. Whether you prefer a plain shade or a much richer hue to add a bit of spice to your bathroom, you're sure to find the ideal Belem towel for your needs. Our linen hand towel is also conveniently sized at 16x30 inches, making it perfect as a carry-on supplement, which is suitable for traveling.

Carefully Selected Cotton

Made with 100% fine-quality combed cotton and carefully woven for a soft and plush texture, a Belem luxury hand towel is perfect for the ultimate spa-like experience. Along with a range of 550 grams per square meter and diverse colors, our cotton selection process and state-of-the-art construction ensure that our towels are efficient for years to come.

Luxury Hotel Style

Sustainable & ECO Friendly

Highly Absorbent

High Quality Craftsmanship

100% Cotton

Staple of Elegance for Your Bathroom

Indulge in a spa-like oasis every time you step into your bathroom with our high-end Belem hand towels. Class and comfort converge in the perfect blend, as a single hand towel is crafted from premium, 100% cotton materials that are gentle enough to use on your face. With our long staple ring spun towels, you can fully experience a smooth and sturdy essential that gives you the boost of energy you need. You can have the ultimate chance to practice studious skin care with ease.


Our bathroom hand towels are designed to be travel friendly. Any fold or weight won’t impact the quality negatively. So prepare to be spellbound by the mesmerizing touch of these soft linen towels, transforming your daily routine into a pampering escape at an affordable price. Dzee Home puts your needs at the top of their lists and ensures you get what you need! All you need to do is pick your desired hand towel.

Check Your Options Now

The Belem hand towels should be more than just a practical necessity. Stylish, comfortable, and luxurious are desired features in a towel. That is why we have created our high-quality hand towels in a range of colors – designed to meet the needs of families everywhere. So why wait? Start shopping today and discover the difference Belem hand towels can make in your home.