The Belem Quilted Mattress Pad is designed to give your current mattress a luxuriously soft texture. It acts as a protective layer against stains. The differently-sized mattress pad, we have made them to the highest standards, providing all the comfort, and luxury one could desire. After using our mattress pads, you won’t ever want to sleep without one again. With thick-filled 100% polyester in 8 oz per square yard, we ensure you get what you need.

Waterproof & Safe

Our esteemed Belem waterproof mattress pads offer protection, comfort, and hygiene. It is a perfect investment for those who want to extend the lifespan of their mattress, prevent stains and spills, and experience a healthy sleep environment. Our waterproof mattress pads help keep the bed clean and dry to effectively control the growth of harmful bacteria and mildew. Made with polyurethane, the pad’s support, and durability is unmatched.

Protection & Breathable

Our Belem mattress pads are helpful if you struggle with accidents or spills. We offer you the best pads to promote breathability and protection. With our breathable barrier, added with three layers of extreme security, you can easily face no damage done to your mattress. With straightforward prevention from tears or wear in your bed, we have designed the perfect pad to add value to your overall home decor.

Rich & Soft

Belem prioritizes that you get sleek and comfortable mattress pads that provide a safe cushion. With our pads being made with rich virgin microfiber fabric, we find it essential to help home buyers get luxurious home decor for their sleeping schedules. Embedded with high-quality textures and features, you can easily relax during your break after a long day.

Mattress Pads Unlike No Other

The Belem mattress pads are an essential addition to any bed to improve comfort and protect your mattress from damage. Our great mattress pads are known for their breathable and cohesive structuring, which is ideal for your body weight. Made with non-toxic components, we ensure you can sleep soundly without any health risks. Our polyurethane-made mattress pads excel in protecting your mattress with care and diligence. 


Our mattress pads are excellent choices for you, if you need long-lasting comfort and resilience. We introduce luxurious Belem blankets to enhance your overall bedroom experience. We make sure to satisfy your every need.


Upgrade your sleep today with our safe and breathable mattress pads! Experience ultimate comfort and protection for your mattress while enjoying a healthier schedule. Order your favorite quilted mattress pad and take the first step towards better sleep with Belem!