Waterproof Mattress Pads

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Our mattress pad is a simple and effective way to improve the comfort and lifespan of your mattress. The additional layer of cushioning not only protects your mattress but also provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, hence improving the quality of your sleep.

 Three-layered protection with a waterproof surface

  • Microfiber fabric provides extra support, comfort, and protection
  • Waterproof polyurethane coating which stops any liquid from reaching the mattress
  • Elastic anchor band on all four corners makes sure that the mattress protector stays in place
  • Hypoallergenic 8 oz thick polyester filling per square yard
  • Stretchable knitted skirt that can fit any mattress up to 15” deep
What’s Included: 1 X Quilted Waterproof Mattress Pad

At Belem, we believe that a good night's sleep is essential to your overall well-being. That's why we've created a mattress pad that's designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, protection, and breathability. Our mattress pad is made with three layers of protection to ensure that your mattress stays clean and dry, while also providing a comfortable sleeping surface that you'll love.

The first layer of our mattress pad is made with a microfiber fabric that's incredibly soft to the touch. This layer provides a plush surface that feels like you're sleeping on a cloud, while also helping to regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating. Our mattress pad comes in a range of sizes to fit any mattress, and it's easy to install thanks to the elasticized corners that ensure a snug and secure fit. Our twin size is measured at 37 x 75 x 15 inches.

The second layer is made with a polyurethane material that's completely waterproof, protecting your mattress from spills, stains, and other accidents. Because of the polyurethane material, your pads are prone to stay durable throughout your use. This layer is also breathable, allowing air to circulate freely and preventing the buildup of moisture and bacteria.

The third and final layer of our mattress pad is made with a microfiber fabric that's designed to wick away moisture and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night. This layer is also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for anyone with allergies or sensitivities. Plus, it's machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

So, if you're looking for a mattress pad that's both comfortable and protective, look no further than our premium mattress pad. With its three layers of protection, waterproof design, and breathable construction, it's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors
  • Avoid washing with items (like buttons or zippers) that may penetrate or damage the inner waterproof layer
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach
  • Avoid using fabric softeners, as these can reduce the absorbency of the mattress pad.
  • Do not iron
  • When not in use, store your mattress pad in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent mold and mildew growth

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Belem mattress pad is the best investment

I've made in my bedding. The pad adds a layer of plush comfort to my bed, and the quality is outstanding. I also appreciate that it fits my mattress perfectly and doesn't shift around during the night. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience.

The DZee Home mattress pad is a must-have

for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable bedding accessory. The pad adds an extra layer of softness to my bed, and I can feel the difference in my sleep quality. The pad is also easy to clean, which makes my life so much easier.

I am so impressed with the quality of the Belem mattress pad.

incredibly soft and plush, which makes it perfect for anyone who loves a little extra cushioning. I also love that it is machine washable and easy to care for. It's definitely worth the investment!

The DZee Home mattress pad is a game changer.

It's incredibly comfortable and adds a layer of warmth to my bed on chilly nights. I also appreciate that it is hypoallergenic, which is great for anyone with sensitive skin. Overall, it's a fantastic investment for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience.

Wilbur Sachs
The pad adds an extra layer of plush comfort to my mattress,

and the quality is outstanding. I also appreciate that it fits my bed perfectly, which means no more annoying bunching or slipping!