How To Fold Towel Like In The Luxury Hotels

Whenever we go and stay in hotels we see that the towels are folded in a very neat and beautiful way. The towels in the hotel room do grab our attention as to how they can be folded in such a good way and how they remain intact in that position until they are unwrapped. If someone is wondering how to roll a towel then they are at the right place.

Hotels have beach towels, pool towels, and bath towels that have to be folded every day in a large quantity, so the hotel employees learn one technique that is classy and good looking in which they fold all the towels and then provide them to the room for their usage.

There are thousands of techniques by following which the towels can also be folded in the shapes of animals etc. But the simplest way of folding the towels is to fold them in a cylindrical tube. It looks classy and it is easy to fold it that way.

The answer to this is that there are certain techniques for folding towels in several shapes and sizes. There are thousands of ways in which a towel can be folded and hotels use some high-level techniques to fold their towels so that they look good to the people.

How To Fold A Towel At Home

Coming home after staying at the hotel, when you are folding your towels, your mind drifts off to the towels in the hotel so you try to fold them the way you saw at the hotel but even after many attempts you are not able to fold them. So if you want to fold the towels the way they are folded at the hotels then you are at the right place because here this topic will be told to you in detail.

Steps To Roll Towels The Hotel Way

  • First of all the towel should be spread out on a flat surface so that it is not crumpled when it is getting folded.
  • After that, fold it from one end so that it becomes a half triangle and the other half is square.
  • The next fold should be from the top to the bottom of the towel so that the towel becomes a rectangle with one loose end.
  • Now flip the towel and roll up the rectangle so that it makes a thick and tight cylinder shape.
  • Now, to finish the folding, tuck the loose end of the towel in the towel, and there, you will have your own beautifully folded towel.

Following these steps, you can fold your towel well. At first, it will not turn out the same as that of the hotels but with practice over time, you will be able to fold your towels like that of hotels.

Advantages Of Folding Towels Like Luxury Hotels

Many advantages come with folding the towels just like the hotels do and these advantages are as follows:

Less Space

When folding a towel like a hotel it is near and clean and takes less space because hotels fold it in a way that it takes less space so that there is maximum use of the space in the hotel room. Similarly, if people fold the towels in their homes like that in the hotel then they will be able to save a lot of space.

Fancy Appearance

Folding the towels like in the hotels will also make a fancy appearance to the house and it will look good when they are folded neatly. This way in whatever section of the house the towels are kept, that section will look classy and without any bad links.

Towels Will Be Good For A Long Time

There is one more advantage to folding the towels in the hotel way and that is this way towels will be good for a long time because they are being handled and kept carefully. And when a towel is handled carefully it will be good for many coming years and the owner will not have to invest in a new one before time.

Good Impression

Whenever something is done neatly, it leaves a good impression on people. Similarly, when there are guests in the house and they see that even towels are done nicely in every room, they will have a good impression of the owner. They will think that this person knows how to handle things professionally.


Folding a towel in the hotel way is a good thing and it will benefit the towel as well as the owner. And folding it is not rocket science, it is very easy and there are various videos from which people can memorize folding them in the way hotels do. And it can be memorized after a few times, at first there will be some mistakes and difficulties but with every attempt, it will get perfect.

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