How To Keep Towels Away from Smelling?

Sometimes it is normal for the towels to get smelly because of the lack of sunlight and sometimes because they are not washed properly. No matter what type of towel you have, beach towel, bath towel, or pool towel. A towel needs to get a good amount of sunlight to dry.

If any towel after being washed is not kept under the sunlight or does not get enough sunlight then it will develop a smell that will be bad and unbearable. Even after using the towel, if it is not kept in the sunlight then the area that was used and is still wet will develop a smell.

Used towels should also not be kept in the laundry baskets for a long time because then they will develop a strong bad smell that will not go in one wash. It will take some washes to get rid of that smell.

This is why towels should be straight away kept in sunlight after being washed or used. This way all the water absorbed by the towel will dry up and there will be no smell in the towel.

How To Keep Towels from Smelling

The main thing to do to keep towels away from smelling is to dry them in the sunlight. If the towels are not dried in the sunlight, then they will develop a smell and it will be unbearable. This happens when the towel is not able to dry completely and remains wet in several places. This smell is very bad and does not go easily from the towel until they are washed several times.

And still, it is not definite if the smell will go without the sunlight.

How To Get Rid of Sour Smell from Towels?

To get rid of the sour smell from the towels, a person will need vinegar and hot water. At first, the towel should be soaked in the hot water and the vinegar for some time so that the smell makes its way to the outside. After that wash, the towel is normally done. After that when the towel is fully dried there will be no sour smell from the towel.

Why Towel Should Be Dried

Towels should be dry because if they do not try then they will develop a bad smell which will not be the same while wiping the hands are face with the towel. And the best way to dry the towels is the sunlight because in the sunlight all the bacteria die and the smell will also get evaporated along with the water.

Still, if any person is in a remote area and there is no sunlight available in those areas then people can always try their towels with heaters or hair dryers. It will surely take some time but the smell will be gone and the towels will be ready to use again.

How To Get Smell Out of The Towels?

If the towers are very smelly and even keeping them in sunlight is not helping then there are many ways by which the smell will go away. One way is that people can use fabric softeners that have a good smell after washing the towel. The towel just needs to get soap in the fabrics of dinner for sometimes and then it is very good.

Another way is that before washing the towel in the washing machine one should soak the towel in the hot water for some time because that way all the back period that causes bad smell in the towel will die because of the hot temperature of the water and after washing the towel they will not smell bad.

Many people also use some home remedies to get rid of the smell from the towel including putting vinegar while washing the towel in the washing machine sometimes life is also used so that it can kill all the back and make the towel smell good.

Is It Important to Get Rid of The Towel Smell?

Yes, it is very important to get rid of the towel smell because if not then while using them people will not have a good experience and they will think that this towel is dirty even though it is washed just before using it. If there are any guests at home then they will also not have a good impact on the owner of the house because they will think that this person does not know how to handle laundry properly.


So, by reading this far one will understand how they can remove the bad smell from the towels and why it is important to remove it. Removing this smell from the towers is not a big task and it can be done with some concentration and time. And some precautions like keeping the towel in the sunlight whenever it is available should be taken into consideration so that this problem does not occur in the first place.

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