What Is Sham In Bedding?

Bed shams are decorative pillowcases that add chic style and create a lavish look in your bedroom. Though they are called bed shams, they are actually used to protect your pillows. Many beddingsets include shams that match the duvet covers or comforters with their color coordination.

A sham also gives your pillows more visual appeal, turning them from function to fashion to fit your bedroom decor. They are used to give your pillow designs, frills, and textures. In this article,

here are some basic points that why you should use a sham in bedding and what’s the difference between pillowcases and shams to let you decide if buying bed shams is the right choice for you or not.

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Why You Should Use A Sham In Bedding?

A sham is an ideal option if you want to quickly transform a standard-sized pillow into a decorative accessory. Although they are soft enough to sleep on like a regular pillowcase, people usually remove them from the bed or put them behind normal pillows while you sleep. Shams are simple to remove and wash normally, making them a perfect addition for households for people who want to launder pillowcases or bed sheets frequently.

Difference Between A Bed Sham And A Pillowcase? 

The only difference between a bed sham and a pillowcase is that shams are used to decorate your room space to create an elegant look as per your needs while pillowcases are simple, comfortable, and made for you to use or sleep on them.


It is simple to make your own bed sham. Fabrics that are on the thicker side and have somebody to them are usually best to use, but any material should work. Here’s how you can make a bed sham easily:

  1. Cut fabric to fit your pillow

First, check the dimensions of your pillow size. If you want a more substantial look, make your flanges larger. The design is entirely up to you; alternatively, you can make them small, or not have them. After assembling all of your components, cut your back piece in half for the opening.

  1. Assemble your sham 

Begin by taking your front-facing pillow panel and facing it front side up. Place the back panels on top of the front panel, front side down. Ensure that all of the edges are straight. 8 to 10 inches should be left between the back panels.

  1. Sewing 

Sew up your bed sham all around the edges. Simply use the envelope opening on the back to flip the sham inside out when you’re done.

  1. Insert your pillow 

Now, the bed sham is ready for you to enjoy and have an exceptional night’s sleep.

Bed shams are a great way to make a style statement in your bedroom by turning plain pillows into elegant accessories. Not as functional as your standard pillowcase, but they can provide an aesthetic touch to help tie your room’s design together.

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