Breaking Down Bath Towel Sizes: Understanding the Variations and How to Choose the Right One

What You Need To Know About Bath Towel Sizes

Bath towels are a staple in every person's bathroom. The bathroom is an integral part of any house. People adorn it with different decorations and necessities such as bath towels and toiletries to make up for what they need. Therefore, having the best bath towels around your bathroom is essential. This makes the room more sophisticated, clean, and organized. 

You might be wondering why bath towel sizes make a difference. The best way to make a bathroom stand out is through coordination and aesthetics. If you have irregular sizing or various quantities of different bath towels, your bathroom will lose the appeal it can potentially get. In order to keep your restroom looking chic and aesthetically pleasing, you need to understand and buy an average bath towel size for your home. This guide will tell you how to do so!

Variations of Bath Towel Sizes

Bath towels are diverse and versatile for different purposes. You should have an abundance of different towels to make your bathroom look better and more appealing. The towels listed below are needed to make your room outstanding:

With 100% combed cotton materials, the Belem bath towels are efficient in affordability, absorbency, and durability. With six colors available, you can make a difference in your bathroom with these towels that have an average bath towel size of 27x50 inches. This provides you full body coverage and helps you dry off quickly after a bath or shower. 

At 13x13 inches, our Belem washcloths are perfect for your skincare or daily routines in the bathroom. Your body has 19 million skin cells and 650 sweat glands. Therefore, you should use a separate towel for your grooming time to avoid an accumulation of germs and the transfer of bacteria onto your skin. Our washcloths help you to keep clean as these get cleaned quickly and dry off much faster. 

Bath mats are essential to keep your bathroom cleaner and remove moisture on the floor. When moisture accumulates on the floor, it becomes harder for people to walk through or change in the restroom, and the chances of injury increase as people can slip easily. Having a bath mat lessens those chances as it absorbs all the water when you come out of the shower or around the bathroom. At 22x34 inches, this provides effective coverage to hold off any loose water. 

Hand towels are used to wipe off wet or dirty hands after using the bathroom. These are sized at 16x30 inches, which makes it the perfect size for your hands. This is quite versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as a gym or kitchen towel as well. However, providing a separate towel for wiping your hands is essential to avoid the transfer of germs. 

Things That Play a Major Role in Towel Quality

There are a few things you need to know when it comes to buying an average bath towel size. By understanding the factors of the components you need to focus on, you will be able to make a more cohesive decision that will impact your bathroom positively. 

  1. Material:

The material is one of the most important aspects of the towel. The material plays a major role in creating the towel. One of the best materials out there is cotton. This is because the cotton's texture is unmatched by any other material. Unlike polyester or any other synthetic fibers, cotton is soft, absorbent, and remains durable even after several washes. If you're looking for cotton bath towels, Belem has whatever you need and more!

  1. GSM:

GSM (grams per square meter) is the official measurement that tells you how heavy a towel is. Towels with lower GSM are lighter, while those with higher GSM counts are heavier than most. Weight is a strong indicator of the quality of a towel. Heavy towels are usually made with more cotton fibers. Belem has towels with GSM 400-600, which is desirable. A heavy towel gives you maximum comfort and relaxation than any other world. This helps you get the spa-like feeling that you experience at five-star hotels. 

  1. Durability:

A trowel's worth is maximized by its ability to stay put together despite the number of washes and laundering it goes through. If you have a towel that easily unravels while washing, then it has no use in the long term. To ensure that you have a great towel that stays tough, look at the edges. If it has double-needle stitching, you can gauge that the towels are durable and won't open up easily. You can check out the towels here.

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Looking For Bath Towels?

Having different-sized towels in your home makes a difference in the experience altogether. DZee Home has everything you are looking for. Simply visit our website or call us to place your order now!

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