Belem 2 Pcs Bath Mat | Sandcastle Tan

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Premium bath mats that operate to absorb huge amounts of water after you get out of a refreshing shower. With its soft and comfortable cotton loops, these towels provide a completely different and satisfying experience in your showering routine. 

  • Set of 2 Premium Cotton Bath Mats
  • Generous Size – 22” x 34”
  • Made with 100% Finest Combed Cotton for Softness & Absorbency 
  • Highly Absorbent due to Rich Weight 
  • Double Needle Stitching for Durability 
  • Available in 6 Different Colors

What’s Included: 2 x Bath Mats

Fast Absorbency

Our highly absorbent Bath Mat is what you need after a long bath. Imagine stepping out of a relaxing shower or bath onto a plush, soft bath mat that feels like a gentle hug on your feet. That's the kind of experience you can have with our luxurious and practical bath mats. Thanks to their institutional laundering properties, you can wash them again and again
without worrying about them losing their shape or softness. Because of their stylish texture with thickened looping, they're highly absorbent, quickly soaking up any water or moisture to leave your floors dry and slip-free.

Corner-Locked Durability

Crafted from 100% cotton with long staple ring spun fibers, these bath mats are the epitome of comfort and quality. The long staple fibers used in our bath mats ensure that they are soft, fluffy, and incredibly gentle on your feet. With tightly woven material, the result is a
spa-like oasis right in your own bathroom, making every shower or bath a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Without any chance of tears or breakage,
you'll never want to step onto a cold, hard bathroom floor again!

Enhanced Comfort

Our bath mats are not only highly comfortable, but they're also incredibly durable and practical.

In addition to their practical features, our bath mats come in a variety of elegant colors to match your bathroom decor. Sized at 22x34 inches, you're sure to find a shade that complements your style and aesthetic. Investing in a high-quality bath mat is an investment in your daily comfort and well-being. Our bath mats are designed to last for years to come, providing you with the same level of comfort and quality every time you step out of the shower or bath.

So, why settle for an ordinary bath mat when you can have a luxurious and practical one that transforms your bathroom into a spa-like oasis? Upgrade your bathing experience today and treat your feet to the ultimate in comfort and style!

  • Machine wash in warm water (104°F)
  • Tumble dry on medium settings
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach
  • Avoid mixing of colors
  • Do not use harsh chemicals
  • Do not use fabric softeners as it may decrease towel absorbency
  • Store in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent mold and mildew growth

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Customer Reviews

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Brett Rowe.
As someone who values sustainability,

I was thrilled to find the Belem bath mat, which is made from 100% organic cotton. Not only it is a more eco-friendly option, but it is also incredibly soft and absorbent. I love that I can pamper myself while also being mindful of the planet.