The Ultimate Beach Towel Guide: How To Choose The Perfect One For You

A day at the beach is always something to look forward to. The only thing that can make it better is by having a great beach towel to complement your essentials. DZEE Home lets you know how you can find a beach towel that speaks to your lifestyle!

Beach Towels

Picture this, it's a sunny day, and you want to go for a nice swim in the pool or visit the beach with your family and friends. You pack up your essentials but find out you don't have your beach towel. A fun day at the beach can only be fulfilled with a proper beach towel. 

You may need it for different purposes: drying yourself off, laying down on the sand, or covering yourself up. A comfortable and soft beach towel is incomparable and enhances your overall experience on the beach or in the water. If you are itching to know how you can get the best beach towel for yourself, keep reading!

What Should You Look For?

What makes a good beach towel? There are several things you need to keep an eye on when shopping for your ideal beach towel. Here is what you need to look for:

The Size:

Size is one of the most prominent factors that differentiate a beach towel from the other types of towels. Beach towels are known to be larger and bulkier than an average towel. This isn't an accident and actually has a reason behind the concept. The sand on the beach becomes very hot and is surrounded by pointy rocks and shells. 

Many people prefer to lie down on the sand by laying a beach towel on the ground for protection. However, if the beach towel is miniature and covers only part of your build, the purpose of protection becomes useless. 

There is no sure way on how to use a beach towel but you still need to have one that is appropriate for your build. Therefore, a great beach towel's recommended size is around 30 x 70. This particular width and breadth allow you to have a better experience on the beach and provide you with a semblance of comfort and ease.

The Texture:

A beach towel's texture is significant to note. The texture allows you to experience a great day at the beach. When you look for a suitable beach towel, ensure that you look at the texture.

Towels made of cotton are popular due to their absorbency and soft texture. It's worth considering if you're wondering whether polyester towels can also be absorbent. Unlike full polyester beach towels, cotton towels can effectively absorb moisture from your body and dry more quickly.

DZEE Home's towels are famous for their soft, and pleasant texture as our towels are made with 100% premium cotton with 2-ply yarn. 2-ply yarn results in towels being more absorbent and heavier, thus being more soft and warm to the touch. 

The Color:

The color of a beach towel plays a significant role in comfort and experience. You may perceive color to be a personal choice, but in reality, it also has an environmental impact. Darker colors tend to attract the sun's heat even more than softer colors. So avoid using black or darker shades as your primary towel color. 

While using softer shades keeps you from sweating incessantly, they become dirtier when used on the beach. Thus, invest in finding bright, bold and solid colors such as blue, green, and yellow, as they are VAT-dyed and fade-resistant. VAT-dyed towels prevent easy fading and can withstand your washer and dryer's impact. Bright colors are also a symbol of the summertime, so participate in the culture for a better experience!

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Benefits Of Having A Beach Towel


Beach towels are undeniably comfortable. This is why beach trips become more fun because chances of activities such as sunbathing, reading your favorite book, and taking a dip in the ocean turn out to be more exciting. 

By understanding how to identify how towels are comfortable, you can save most of your time and get the towel you are looking for. Comfort is a priority that you should take seriously, as it allows you to have a breathable and warm towel that fulfills your needs and purpose.

An Enhanced Experience:

Towels play a big part in enhancing your pool and beach experience. If you don't have towels around you and get wet, you can begin to feel agitated and annoyed. Towels have more than one purpose. You can enjoy your day at the beach by using the towel in different ways, such as sunbathing or tanning. 

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Get The Best Beach Towels Today

The perfect beach towel is not too far from your reach! DZEE Home provides you with the ultimate opportunity to get the towel for you! Our beach towels are made with 100% cotton and are fade resistant, so don't miss your chance to get your own. To know more about us, visit our website or give us a call.

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