How Often Should You Change Your Bath Towels

Have you ever wondered whether you need new bath towels? Do you feel something needs to be improved in your overall bathing experience? If you’re having doubts, look no further from DZEE Home. We are  here to guide and advise you toward the right decision!

Bath Towels

Bath towels are soft and tender fabric, usually made of cotton and polyester, to help you stay clean after a shower. Everyone uses towels to dry themselves off after a long bath. However, they can become the primary sources of several problems that you may face in your everyday life, if not taken care of. 

Breakouts, mildew, stains, and other issues can quickly arise when you don’t focus on taking

care for your towels. Because towels tend to absorb moisture and other substances such as sweat, dirt, and germs, people often face many issues that can harm their lifestyle. 

It is essential to understand how these circumstances impact your life and disallow you to have a fulfilling bath experience. This often occurs as many of these substances are invisible or not easy to see with the human eye. For example, people begin to believe that their towels remain clean after a few washes, but this perception is quite flawed. To understand how often you should change your bath towels, keep reading!

What To Look For Before Changing Your Towel

1.     The Appearance:

Knowing when to change your towels is highly important. Make sure to focus on the appearance of your towels, especially after washing them. These give you the right signs on whether you need a replacement soon. Also, keep an eye out for holes, threadbare, and tears. Having ragged towels for your bath use is not hygienic nor suitable for your purpose.

If you want to know what happens if you use the same towel for too long, check its appearance. Understand the importance of keeping fresh and absorbent towels that can keep you dry and safe from dirty towels, diseases and infections effectively. Dirty and torn towels are huge red flags. If you have any of them residing in your cupboard or closet, get fresh ones immediately.

2.     The Odor:

Fresh towels are not supposed to remain smelly after they have been washed. If you catch a whiff of something unpleasant coming from your towel, you have a clear indicator that it is time to change.

Unbearable and chronic foul smells come from accumulated germs, sweat, and debris from different surfaces. This also goes to show that your towel is ineffective in its task of being thoroughly cleaned by the washer. Ensure that you are able to change your towel when this happens. Questions such as “is it ok to use the same towel for a week,” become apparent if you are able to recognize these signs.

3.     The Texture:

The texture is one of the leading factors that tell you how good your towel is. Fresh and clean bath towels are smooth, sleek, and soft to the touch. If you aren’t feeling the same texture on your current bath towels, you have a problem. Towels that lose their fundamental softness and comfort have either been used too much or are low in quality.

This is a sure sign for you to replace your towel as soon as possible, as the rough texture can cause problems such as skin rashes, itchiness, redness, etc. This will also tell you how long you should use a towel.


 Bath Robe Towel

Benefits Of Changing Your Bath Towels

1.     Cleanliness:

Overused and threadbare towels allow a lot of bacteria to embed themselves into the fabric. If this happens and you continue to use the towels incessantly, you can face significant problems from dirty towels, diseases and infections which will harm your health and body. Therefore, ensure that you have new towels around you to keep the purpose of cleaning yourself consistently. 

2.     Lessons Chances Of Bacteria:

There’s a good chance that you can have a closet full of unhealthy and harmful bacteria. Despite washing it often, if your towels do not have the ability to sustain their purpose, then you can find yourself facing several issues in the future. Having new towels in your closet means that you can avoid having the bacteria mix with your clothes and other essentials. Doing this ensures that you have good health.

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How Often Should You Change Your Bath Towels

Replacing your towels every year or two is good practice. Implementing this into your lifestyle will save you from a lot of damage and keep you safe. For long-lasting results, you can look for suitable, absorbent towels such as the Belem Bath Towel. With soft textures and 100% cotton lining, you can stay assured that your towels will maintain the right kind of smoothness it needs. In order to know more about getting your own Belem Bath Towels.

Need Fresh and Clean Bath Towels?

For hygienic purposes, you need to have fresh and soft towels. DZEE Home ensures that you get exactly what you need. From smooth spa towels to absorbent bath towels, they have it all. With their help, you can finally dream of getting the perfect towel for your bath experience.  

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