How To Layer a Bed for Winter

As the winter chill settles in, there is nothing like getting cozy in a well-layered, warm, and comfortable bed. In this guide, we’ll explore the essentials of creating a relaxing sleep haven, highlighting the versatility of our premium bedding sets, from soft sheets to cotton waffle blankets, mattress pads, and beyond. Let’s start on an expedition to transform your bed into a winter retreat.

Home Bedding With High-Quality Bed Sheets

To start the layering process, focus on the foundation of your home bedding. Opt for sheets crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a soft and durable base for your winter cocoon. Consider things like material, thread count, and weave pattern to find the perfect sheets tailored to your preferences.

Our bed sheets set comes with flat and fitted sheets and 1 or 2 pillowcases, turning your bedroom into something like a cozy nest. All sheets are wrinkle, crease-free, and anti-pilling, weaved using single-pick technology. Apart from the colored classic luxury sheets that are available just in twin and full, all other sheets are twin, full, queen, and king. All sheets are made from a 60/40 polycotton blend with a 3-inch top hem and a 1-inch bottom hem for an elegant look.

A thread count of 250 on the 5mm tone-on tone swiss striped bed sheet makes it look luxurious and gives a silk-like smooth feel. High-performance stitching on all bed sheets ensures that the bed sheets don’t come apart with everyday use.

The classic white luxury percale bed sheets are super smooth with a different kind of feel than Swiss striped sheets.  

Warmth and Texture with Waffle Blankets 

Introducing a layer of warmth and texture with a cotton waffle blanket. The unique waffle weave not only adds a cozy tactile element to your bedding set but also provides insulation without weighing you down. Explore the versatility of waffle blankets as the ideal companion for winter layering.

Our bedding set has cozy, bright-white waffle-textured blankets made from 100% cotton, tightly woven for reduced snags, are also breathable and crisp yet very soft. Due to their tight weaving, they are very durable and quick to dry. 

Pillowtop Layers with Mattress Pads and Encasements

Enhance the comfort of your bed with a premium mattress pad. These additions offer an extra layer of plushness, ensuring a pillowtop feel that invites you to sink into coziness. Don’t forget the importance of mattress encasements, providing protection against allergens and spills while maintaining a clean and inviting bed. Mattress encasements can enhance the life of your mattress, saving you the runs to get another mattress that is as good as your current one.

Our mattress pads provide a more vibrant look and additional protection against allergens, water, dust, and microbes while adding an element of comfort and plushness to your home bedding. They come with elastic bands on all corners with down-alternative polyester filling and a 15-inch deep stretchable side skirt.

Comfort with Sumptuous Layers of Duvet Inserts and Duvet Covers 

Delve into the world of duvet inserts, each offering varying warmth levels and fill options to suit your preferences. Complement the functionality of duvet inserts with stylish duvet covers that not only protect but also elevate the overall appearance of winter bedding.

Our down-alternative luxury duvet inserts are T-235 100% combed cotton made with hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties. With box quilting for a premium feel and coziness. With four corner tabs, the duvet inserts can be easily secured into any duvet cover.

The 5 mm white striped duvet covers that are sateen-weaved for a lush look. With a 15-inch envelope, any duvet insert can slide in easily and be tied to the interior ties. The duvet cover is made from a blend of 60/50 polycotton and a thread count 250. All duvet covers are available in king, queen, twin and full sizes. A plain luxury duvet is also available.


The Art of Layering: Putting It All Together 


Now that you have all the bedding set elements let’s put them together in an artful layering process. Start with the soft sheets as your base, and top it with a waffle cotton blanket for texture, incorporate the plush mattress pad, and top it off with a duvet insert embraced by a stylish duvet cover. Mix and match textures and patterns for a personalized touch that reflects your unique style.


Your Winter Slumber Sanctuary Awaits 

As we conclude our exploration of mastering layering your bed for winter, remember that the key lies in combining comfort with style. DZEE Home’s premium bedding sets, including white luxury bedding and home bedding, are crafted to elevate your winter retreat.

Explore our curated collection, featuring sheets, blankets, mattress pads, and more, to transform your bed into a winter wonderland. Embrace the season with open arms and a cozy, well-layered bed that welcomes you into a world of warmth and relaxation.


How can I keep my bed warm in winter? 

To keep your home bedding warm and cozy in winter, make sure that you invest in pure cotton and down-alternative bedding, heat just your room, and use a hot water bottle to preheat your sheets. Make sure always to wear socks to bed. A cotton waffle blanket like the one by Belem can help you stay warm, or just get a down-alternative duvet insert. To make your bedding extra cozy, add a layer of duvet on top of the blanket and use a draft excluder to retain the most heat in your room.

What is the correct way to layer a bed? 

Start with a thick, plush mattress and mattress pad with a fitted sheet so you don't have to set it right daily. Top it up with a lofty duvet insert and a smooth cover. Layer a cotton waffle blanket and finish with down-alternative pillows and covers. 

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