Can you Wash Towels with Clothes?

For some people doing laundry is the most boring chore one has to do almost every week and because of that people often put all the clothes, towels, bedsheets, and everything else in the same load. But have you ever thought if this is the right thing to do? It is better to have researched it and check whether you can wash your bed linen or towels with clothes. In the following article, we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages of sorting clothes before washing them.

First of all, putting everything in the same load can cause your brand-new towels and bath linen to look old and dingy. Having just three sets of a particular towel or sheet ensures none of them will look threadbare. Also, if you throw all of them together in the washing machine, there’s a great chance the laundry won’t be done properly and the clothes and towels will smell musty. Check out the pros and cons of sorting your laundry.



  1. Clothes will last longer
  2. Washing items in the same color family helps to keep the color vibrant.
  3. The colors will not fade away.
  4. Various materials can be preserved by washing at the right water temperature and right spin cycle.
  5. A balanced wash load is better for towel sets, linen, and the washing machine.


  1. Takes time to sort.
  2. You’ll have multiple folding sessions rather than doing it all at once.



  1. Saves time when you have fewer clothes.
  2. If you wash less frequently, it’s cheaper and more eco-friendly.
  3. Less water is used.
  4. Uses less electricity.
  5. Uses fewer detergents and softeners.


  1. Darker dyes can bleed.
  2. Other clothes can be harmed when colors bleed.
  3. Whites become dull more quickly.
  4. You’ll have to put it all away and fold it at once.

It is better to know the type of your laundry and not just wash all the dirty clothes together.

Can you wash towels with your clothes? 

Towels are notorious for being huge lint producers. You’ll notice a large amount of lint in the dryer screen if you wash a load of relatively fresh towels. Imagine the lint getting stuck in your favorite sweater or your delicate garments. It will be much hard to remove it.

Secondly, if you wash towels with other clothes, the bacteria or germs can be easily transferred during the washing process. Because every time we use a towel, it absorbs our bacteria and skin cells, thus sanitizing them with hot water and under a long wash cycle is necessary.

An unnecessary amount of agitation occurs when garments are cleaned for a longer time. This leads the clothes to look old before their time. Additionally, it can harm materials like lace and netting and cause the elastic on some garments to wear out more quickly. Washing towels with clothes can transfer germs and bacteria between items in the wash. Always wash towels separately from other clothing items for hygiene purposes too.

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