The Perfect Beach Companion: Why Sand Beach Towels Are A Must-Have

A beach day is a staple during the summertime. Sunglasses, swimsuits, and beach towels are only some of the things that are brought onto the sand. The perfect beach companion can be considered as the one piece of luggage that provides you comfort, luxury, and softness anytime. 

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Our Belem sand beach towels are renowned for their capability to exude impeccable performance when taken outside. Get to know what you need for a sand beach towel and make your beach day unforgettable every time.

The Allure of Sand Beach Towels

Sand beach towels have been the perfect summer item to take to the beach. Beach trips are a custom when the sun starts to set high up in the sky and increase the temperature of the land. Beach towels become your ideal companion on the sand, and having the right one for you plays a major role in making that experience memorable. 

A beach towel isn't just your ordinary towel. The wrong towel can sour your mood considerably, so learning how you can choose the best beach towel becomes a need.

What You Need To Keep an Eye Out For

A beach towel has many variations and comes in different materials, GSM, and other features. What makes a great beach towel? The answer remains in what you need to look for in a towel that suits your preferences and experience. 

  • What is it Made Of? 

The towel’s construction is purely dependent on the material used. Usually, the best beach towels are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is commonly used as it provides unparalleled comfort and softness. The manufacturing process also favors fine cotton use as these Belem towels are made in air-jet looms. 

Air-jet looms require extremely fine and high-quality cotton fibers in order to produce beach towels for you. Look for beach towels that are made from 100% cotton, as it brings incredible results out in the water. 

  • How Much Water Does it Hold?

A towel’s purpose is to provide absorbency and quick-drying features. The beach is filled with water and sand, so it is imperative to have a towel that translates well into its environment. You need a reliable source that dries you off after a long dip in the water. 

You can easily find out the absorbency of the towel by looking at its looping. Luckily for you, cotton towels that have longer loops perform exceptionally well. They are able to absorb the water into their texture quite easily and are able to hold more moisture than regular towels. 

  • Can it Withstand Pressure?

A beach towel goes through many rigors. From constant water pressure to tugging and whipping of the towel during a beach day is normal and common. When you need to find the best beach towel for your trip, you need to make sure that your towel is able to withstand pressure and folding. 

The best way to understand whether your towel is durable enough to accommodate you, look for double-needle stitching and a minimum of seven stitches per inch. Ask the retailer about the features, and they can let you know!

  • Does it Provide Good Coverage?

The best part of a towel that performs well on the beach is giving you perfect coverage of your body on the sand. Good coverage gives you a chance to protect yourself from the sharp rocks and shells that are embedded deep within the sand. 

An ideal beach size is 36x68 inches, which stretches out to cover the length of your physique. Belem ensures that everyone gets to experience a wonderful beach day, so with our catalog of beach towels, we give you the ultimate opportunity to buy one at affordable prices!

  • How Well Does It Hold Up on the Sand?

Sand gets everywhere. These small grains have a habit of sticking to things, especially if there is water present. There have been many instances where people have a bad day at the beach because the sand ruins the texture and cleanliness of the towel. 

To avoid such experiences, you need to make sure the towel you buy is lint-free and smooth to the touch. Lint-free towels ensure that no sand remains stuck on this surface and brushes it away.

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What’s a Better Companion than Sand Beach Towels?

The summertime only makes it better for those on the beach. There's no better item to take with you than a plush sand beach towel that gives you the comfort and luxury you deserve. With the best material, durability, and absorbency, Belem beach towels become our best-selling products. To buy your own towel, visit our website at DZEE Home or give us a call!

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