Luxury Bedding Essentials: Creating a Plush and Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Belem has what you need for a terrific and relaxing sleeping experience. All you need is to understand what essentials you require to make your sleep consistent while also making your bedroom incredible to look at!

The Perfect Sleeping Experience You Need

Ah, sleep. Who doesn't like a nice trip to a cozy bed with plush comforters with an even more comfortable pillow after a long day? It is well-known that sleep is an essential part of living, but there is greater importance for those who sleep in a comfortable bed. 

A cozy bed offers people more relaxation and the ability to sleep long and deep when they are tense or tired from their daily activities. Therefore, a homeowner has to understand what makes a bed cozy enough to help you ease your worries and turbulence in your life. From cotton bed sheets to a luxury pillow for bed, we have it all!


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A Step-By-Step Routine Towards Unparalleled Comfort

This — is your guide to crafting your bed into a cocoon of remarkable comfort, luxury, and relaxation:

  1. Start with a Sheet:

You may wonder why it doesn't take enough time to think about getting a bed sheet for your home, but let's change that narrative today. A bed sheet is one of the most important things about your bed as it not only gives you a smooth and soft texture to your skin but also gives your entire bed the look it needs. There are two types of sheets you need to be made aware of:

  • Sateen: sateen is 100% cotton, and it is an incredibly smooth texture that makes your bed breathable and lighter. 
  • Percale: percale refers to the single pick weave with which it is made. Single-pick weaving is very durable and doesn't unravel even after constant exposure to laundering. 

  1. Choose the Better Pillow:

According to a study, neck pain is a prevalent condition that can adversely affect the quality of life, productivity at work, and sleep quality. One of the leading causes of neck pain is choosing a pillow that positions your body in an unnatural state for an extended period of time. 

So, having a luxury pillow for bed that maximizes your comfort is extremely important. A down alternative cluster fiber or gel fiber pillow is perfect for those who are allergic to natural resources, and it provides comfort that does not burden your neck in any way.

  1. The Duvet Makes a Difference:

The duvet is the last thing you put on when you lay in your bed. Ultimately, you want to have a soft and lightweight cover that gives you the comfort you're looking for. Look for a down alternative polyester-filled duvet, as it offers both the luxury and simplicity that you need. 

  1. Accessories & More Accessories:

Accessories make your bed look so much better. There's nothing better than coming back to bed after a long day and seeing your bed made with the best bedding accessories. Bed skirts, bed scarves, and box spring wraps give a certain blend of charisma and personality while keeping you comfortable at all times!

bedding accessories

How to Keep an Eye on the Best Bedding Essentials

  • Look Out for Material:

Cotton is one of the best bedding materials out there. Belem offers all cotton bedding essentials as it provides softness and comfort. With sateen, percale, down alternative, and combed cotton shells, we have it all.

  • Don't Forget about Thread Count:

Thread count is the number of threads in an inch. Thread counts come in bed sheets, a luxury pillow for bed and more! When there are more threads in an inch, it shows that the bedding is incredibly durable as it is tightly woven. Look for beddings with a thread count of 200 and more. Luckily for you, Belem has thread counts that bring you ultimate comfort and softness to last a lifetime. 

  • Is it Durable:

Durability is an important factor. If your bedding is not able to last for a long time, your investment isn't worth it. With Belem's effective and highly durable bedding essentials, you can use and enjoy the products for an extended period of time. To understand if a product is durable, make sure to gaze at the type of material and gauge the thread count before buying. 

Get bedding essentials from Belem now!

Plush Comfort & Luxury - Combined in One!

Comfort is needed when sleeping. However, along with a touch of luxury, your bed can go from 0 to 100 in mere minutes. With Belem, you can feel satisfied and fulfilled in the best way possible. The process is easy. Simply visit our website or call one of our professionals to understand what is suitable for your bed and place an order!

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