Best Hotel Pillows for Side Sleepers

Five-star hotel pillows just feel perfect every time you’re visiting somewhere. As a side sleeper, you find exactly the right pillow that provides your neck with the support needed to sleep peacefully. Getting your hands on the best hotel pillows for side sleepers is always a good idea; because obviously, you spend much more time sleeping in your own bed. Now picking up those pillows from the hotel isn’t a great idea but having the best hotel pillows manufacturers and distributors supply you with the; best luxury pillows for home use sounds like the best thing. Hotels have an array of pillows that help you decide which one is the best pillow for you. Home users don’t have to purchase multiple pillows as they are just making the purchase for themselves; unlike hotels which purchase for multiple guests at the same time.

Best Hotel Pillow for Home Side Sleepers

One of the best hotel pillows you should purchase for yourself as a side sleeper should be the Soft Siesta Cluster Fiber Pillow. It is manufactured using premium hollow siliconized cluster fiber; this ensures that the pillow is soft and maintains its resiliency. Resiliency is referred to the pillow’s ability to hold itself against the head’s pressure while you’re sleeping on it, and then the pressure doesn’t get imprinted on the pillow. It rises again, which stops the pillow from dipping from the middle which is one of the major causes of discomfort during the night. The siliconized cluster fiber provides the right support for the head and aligns it with the shoulder; for the side, sleepers do not feel that the entire pressure is on their shoulder during the night.

To ensure the best luxury pillows are hypoallergenic and provide anti-microbial protection; the pillow shell is manufactured using 100% combed cotton ticking. Since the cover is cotton the chances of the sleepers reacting to the stuffing become next to nil. You can always choose which pillow cover to put on which visually adds to the room, you place your pillow in.

Our pillows are double-needle stitched and also have piping which makes them durable for a considerable period of time. They are also machine washable, which makes them easy for you to clean at home and manage the hygiene levels without any issue.

How to Choose the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers?

Here are some five-star hotel pillow tips that will help you make the right decision for a side sleeper pillow for yourself.

Pillow Loft:

You need to look at the pillow thickness which is known as the loft. For side sleepers, medium to high loft pillows is the best. This is so because you don’t want pillows that sink easily otherwise you won’t get the right support for your neck; which will lead to different problems. Nobody likes disturbed sleep and shoulder/ neck pain.

Pillow Material:

The best hotel pillows for side sleepers are manufactured using the highest quality materials, just as the ones used by Dzee Home; for our cluster fiber pillow. The material needs to be durable and shape-retaining. Pillows that dip soon become uncomfortable for use. High-quality materials provide pillow longevity and better pillow performance.

Pillow Price:

When investing in the best hotel pillows for home, you don’t have to purchase in bulk to get the best price for your purchases. Dzee Home offers the best luxury pillows at a price that is competitive amongst pillows for home use and easy for side sleepers to purchase. You get five-star hotel pillows at an affordable price and can sleep comfortably for a considerable period of time.

Pillows Side Sleepers Should Avoid

When choosing the best hotel pillows, most properties have the option of purchasing multiple types of pillows for their guests. They want to be able to provide five-star hotel pillows to all types of sleepers that visit their hotel. This is definitely not the case for people purchasing pillows for home use. They need to invest once in the best luxury pillows which are the best for side sleepers. That is why, after keeping the points we have discussed in mind; side sleepers should avoid pillows with soft loft. This is because a soft pillow would dip easily which would cause pressure on the sleeper’s neck and shoulder. As a side sleeper if you’re looking for the best luxury pillows for yourself, be sure the pillow is able to provide you considerable support for your neck and head.

If the pillow is too firm, the sleeper may also feel unrested as they may develop a headache due to the extra pressure caused by sleeping on one side.


Side sleepers at home don’t need to purchase multiple pillow types as they do in hotels; as they can make a targeted purchase from DZEE Home for a leading pillow for themselves. Home pillow buyers just need to make a single purchase for a good night’s sleep. The pillows are directly delivered to your home and the order can be placed online through our website.

Best hotel pillows for side sleepers are available for home use. The best hotel pillows are usually medium or medium-firm for considerable support for side sleepers. What is the one thing you look for in the best luxury pillows for side sleepers? What do you think sets five-star hotel pillows apart from regular home pillows? Let us know in the comments below.

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