Benefits of Buying Soft and Absorbent Beach Towels For Your Home

Whether you want to go to the beach to enjoy the sunset or have a picnic, you need a good beach towel that comes in handy and suits your personality. You don’t need Turkish or Egyptian cotton-made towels to enjoy what you like doing. All you need is a high-quality fabric that is soft and fluffy, lasts regular washes, and holds itself together for a long time.

The quality of the material should be good enough to not fray or fade with everyday use. We will find out what a beach towel should look like, how many types there are, and the best material for you.

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Soft and Absorbent Beach Towel Features

Absorbs More Water 

When a towel is in contact with your skin or water, it should absorb water. The opposite generally happens with a low-quality beach towel, where you must hold it for a while before it takes up water.

Does Not Fray

A low-quality towel frays easily, even with a rub, and may lose loops to regular washes and usage. When selecting a good quality beach towel that is soft and absorbent, make sure it is also made with the latest technology and high-grade raw material. This will save you money in the long run.

Easy to Carry

A soft and absorbent material must be very lightweight so you can easily place it somewhere and take it anywhere. It needs to be light because it should not be too heavy when it holds water.

Quick Drying 

Towels should be very absorbent and also good with drying water. They have excellent airflow, which means that they dry very quickly within a few minutes, even in humid weather, unlike other towels that may take a few hours to a day to dry.

Not So Easy to Tear 

The best beach towels, like Belem’s Ryotei Economy Pool Towel, have double-needle stitching and a good quality fabric material made with air-jet loom technology that makes them durable and tear-resistant.


Looks and Feels Luxurious 

Due to the quality of dyes and the material used for the best beach towels for airbnb or in general beach towels, we can see towels that look luxurious and, soft, plushy, and comfortable. The colors are meant to be fade-resistant after several washes. These minor qualities make a significant difference when going out with friends or family.


Environment Friendly 

A good quality beach towel with all of the above features can be environmentally friendly because it lasts longer than regular beach towels by up to 4 times, as most regular beach towels usually end up in landfills. Apart from that, you can check for certifications like Oeko-Tex or GOTS.

Material of Beach Towels 

  • Cotton
  • 100 percent pure cotton is the recommended towel material to make luxuriously soft towels, hold lots of water, and dry quickly.

  • Terry
  • Made from just cotton or a mix of cotton and other materials, terry towels have variable loop lengths that indicate their absorbency, weight, and softness depending on fiber quality.

  • Microfiber
  • Made from man-made fibers, specifically polyester, absorb more water than cotton or terry towels, dry much quicker, and are sand and stain-resistant.

    Types of Beach Towels

  • Cotton Beach Towels
  • Cotton beach towels like Belem’s Ryotei Economy Pool Towels are generally soft and absorb good amounts of water but take hours or probably a day to dry. They are also not very good at repelling sand. They can be the best beach towels for an Airbnb.

  • Microfiber Beach Towels
  • Made from a mix of polyester and cotton, these microfiber beach towels are very light in weight. They can also be washed three to eight times more than a regular cotton towel.

  • Sand-Free and Quick-dry Microfiber Towels
  • These kinds of towels don’t hold sand and stain particles and are made from a polycotton blend that can absorb 7 times more water than its weight and dries up to 3 times faster. This makes them the perfect choice for camping and traveling.

  • Turkish Cotton Beach Towels
  • These towels tend to have Turkish cotton, which is very soft, elegant, thin, and lightweight. Being thin and light, they absorb much water and last longer than regular beach towels.

  • Hands-Free Beach Towels
  • These are the towels to be wrapped around your body, but they are also very bulky. They come with attachable straps, so you can easily carry them around without putting wet, muddy, or sandy towels in the bag.

  • Beach Blankets
  • With UPF protection as a standard for sunburn protection, you can be safe under the hot sun and are super comfortable to lie on. These towels are not to be used with heavy chemicals.


    You can roll or fold a towel to save space or hang them somewhere if you want them to be free of beach smell after use and then you may wash or reuse them as needed. This can be the best way to store them.


    Get the Best Beach Towels for Your Home 


    We have understood what high-quality beach towels look like, what kind of towel suits your purpose, and the best way to store beach towels. You are now off to search for them in your local market or the Internet. Make sure you get them from a reliable brand that suits your personality, as it is not your bath towel but something to enjoy on the beach. 


  • What is the purpose of a beach towel?
  • A beach towel can be used to lay on the sand when on the beach to comfortably sit or lie down and acts as a heat-absorbent material between you and the sand.

  • Are beach towels absorbent?
  • Yes, the best beach towels are absorbent of water and sandproof. This means they absorb water when in touch with moisture, making them suitable for beach use.

  • What's the best material for beach towels?
  • Cotton microfiber is the best material that can be used for beach towels. Cotton is suitable for its quick drying and high absorbing properties, coupled with the latest technology that gives it an edge over regular cotton beach towels.

  • What should I look for in a beach towel?
  • The best beach towel accommodates you due to its beyond the normal area and softness. It should be durable, fade and sand-resistant, and dry quickly like the Belem’s Ryotei Economy Pool Towel, so you can use it again soon.

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