Single Cup Coffee Maker
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For all coffee lovers, a rich, smooth, and delicious cup of coffee in the morning is all you need to begin your day full of energy. So, if you’re in search of a reliable single-cup coffee maker, you can’t go wrong with Our  Bene Coffee Maker to satisfy your classic hot beverage cravings. With the most compact, sleek design and durable, this model also has a built-in frother, making it perfect in every way. You can easily make a cup of coffee in less than two minutes, also making this machine ideal as a travel-friendly option that you can pack up while on the go. 

Our amazing coffee maker has some additional features including a one-hour automatic shutoff to ensure safety and energy savings and a red power-on indicator for easy accessibility. 

With no glass carafe to break or clean, it demands less maintenance than traditional carafe-style machines. Being one of DZEE Home’s highly versatile appliances, this also comes with a washable dip tray with a wipe-clean body. Whether you like your coffee strong, mild, flavored, or decaf, you can brew all of your favorites with this best coffee maker with an 8oz water reservoir, ensuring this is the perfect appliance to live with.